Kansa Wand


Kansa Wand is a traditional ayurvedic skincare tool and technique. Our facial massage tool for glowing skin works to stimulate the microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood and lymphatic flow and encourages healthy, balanced skin.

In Dafna’s Personal skincare we believe that in order to have a natural healthy, radiant skin and to calm the mind, we need to be balance (physically as well as emotionally). We aim to achieve it though the practice of our products with our signature treatment of My Moment TM.

Our Facial massage tool for glowing skin, Kansa Wand is made from Bronze (pure copper and tin), which brings the skin PH into balance and works synergically with our products to enhance their efficacy over the skin.


  • Made from Bronze (pure copper and tin)
  • 100% hand made
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  • Feeling of calmness, reduction of stress.
  • You will feel your skin more comfortable and soft.
  • Helps to reduce fine lines.
  • Helps to remove toxins from the lymph system.
  • Neutralize alterations in skin PH.
  • Pronotes skin absorption of creams and oils .

Dafna's tip

I am using our Kansa Wand at the end of the day, as part of My Moment ritual. I use it with Recovery Cleanser (after my face has been previously clean). I love the "balmy" touch and it allows me to have a deeper cleansing treatment.

- Dafna Shaham

How to use

* When you first receive your Kansa Wand, we suggest washing it with a chemical free soap or Tea tree oil (antiseptic).

* Use on a clean face (clean your skin with Recovery Cleanser or Purify Cleanser)

* Note that sometimes when using the Kansa Wand, your skin may become grey (especially if you have make up residues). This is a normal reaction to the metal and oils/make up. There is no problem with that. Just clean your face after the usage. 

Follow the 9 steps below (you can also find them in the video)

Step 1

1. Massage in circles around the middle of the forehead. (for relaxing treatment -> make movements at a peaceful pace. For activating feeling-> make faster movements).
(Repeat 3 times clockwise and anti-clokwise)

Step 2

2. Massage in zig-zag the forehead few times. Then swipe/slide from the middle of the forehead to the temples few times.

Step 3

3. Move back and forth over the right eyebrow few times. Stop at the right temple and massage. (Repeat 3 times clockwise and anti-clokwise)

Step 4

4. From the temple move the wand anticlockwise in a circular motion around the eye

Step 5

5. Start from the side of the nostral and swipe/slide the wand on the cheekbone towards the lower ear and back to the nostral. Then move lower. From the corner of the moth up
to the ear lobe and back.

Step 6

6. Move down from the ear along the jaw towards the chin, and from the chin back along the jaw to the ear lobe. Massage around the chin and mouse. (Repeat 3 times clockwise and anti-clokwise).

Step 7

7. Massage left side of the face from down to upwards (step 3 - 6).

Step 8

8. From under the chin gentle glide the wand down to collar bone. Massage whole neck gently.

Step 9

9. "Final phase". Place your palms gently on the head and forehead. Let them rest there for a while. Clean the face and neck with warm Muslin Cloth.

Kansa Wand