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Serenity Oil is a facial oil that will be our great ally in winter. Why?

Serenity Oil brings amazing results to the skin. It’s made with soothing and renewing organic oils and extracts like arnica chamomile, blue tansy, and chia. If you are constant in its use, you will notice the skin more hydrated and smooth, irritations will be reduced and your skin will be calmer (in addition to your mood!). It will help you to reduce redness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,

And as you can see, after a few uses on the skin, his appearance improves immediately (look at the incredible change in my son’s hands).

It also has very good results on an emotional level thanks to its essential oils, the light texture, the way of applying it …

In this post I want to tell you how you should use Serenity Oil to achieve unique and highly effective results.

Moisten your skin

The first thing you should know is that it is always better to apply a facial oil with a moistened face, since, in this way, the oil will be better absorbed. Why? The reason is that by joining the water with the oil, an emulsion is generated that facilitates its absorption into the skin.

The importance of aromatherapy

Another curiosity that we must take into account about the oils, is that it is better to warm them a little between the hands before applying them. This allows the aromas of essential oils to be better perceived through the olfactory system, as well as better absorption.

Sense of touch

Finally, applying the oils on slightly hot skin will also facilitate their absorption, so it is advisable to massage your face a little with your hands before applying it.

I advise you to combine Active Mist together with Serenity Oil, thanks to both you can experience an immediate sensation of freshness while calming and hydrating the skin.

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