Time to relax


Un set para descubrir nuestra marca con los siguientes productos: NUTRITION REPAIR SKIN & RELAX SENSES 50 ml High performing natural and biotechnology night treatment. Includes 21 potent active ingredients; Antioxidants and renewing extracts of Ginseng, Green tea and Reishi. Pure nutritive and anti ageing oils of Argan and Rose. Packed with spirit calming and relaxing essential oils of Rosewood and Vanilla. ACTIVE MIST BRIGHTEN & REFRESH. SKIN & SENSES. 100 ml An innovative light active facial mist and toner that combines plants essence and oil concentrations by a pioneer formula-MelaCareTM (dry oil) to actively restore skin natural tone, fight photo- aging signs, while proving hydration, glow and sense of freshness. Mist: Spray lightly over clean face and neck. Follow with Dafna’s daily or night moisturizer. REVIVAL BIO-ACTIVE BEAUTY MASK 8ml (2 mono dosis) A unique combination of bio-active ingredients such as Capsulated Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid, Ginseng and Reishi formulated to transforms your skin, bringing back its vitality. Skin becomes remarkably soft, radiant, hydrated and recovered from daily stressful agents such as free radicals which results in balanced complexation and even look. Phase 1: Tap mask into clean and dry face. Do not massage the mask. Mask should remain white-cream color with black spots. Leave to act 5-10 minutes. Avoid the eyes area. Phase 2: Spray lightly your face with Active Mist. Massage the mask for about a minute, until all Charcoal capsules are merged to the mask and it changes color to grey (if the capsules remain hard, add few more drops of water). Leave to act 3-5 minutes. Wash Mask, apply Active Mist and daily moisture. FACIAL ROLLER After applying Nutrition cream, massage the roller ofver skin neck in strong stable movements. From inside to outisde and from down to up. Keep clen and store in a cold place.

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